Benefits of SEO

According to Wikipedia, 91.80% visitors clicked on Search engine results page (SERP) and 60% of them are limited with this page only. It means, if your web page is in SERP, you will get more visitors for your Website which will ensure higher sales for higher profit and will increase the brand value.

SERP specify the first page displayed by a search engine in response to an inquiry of a searcher which usually contains 10 search results.  These results are generally two types- organic and sponsored (advertisements). Organic results are generated as per SEO performance and have certain facilities like,

  • Low cost promotion: Organic results cost lower in comparison to paid or sponsored results (advertisements).
  • Website becomes the brand name: People trust the search engines. They know the first listing in google, yahoo or Bing is a trustworthy company.
  • Results are stable: Advertisement result will immediately disappear as soon you stop paying. But, the effect of organic SEO is stable and will not be vanished.

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