SEO service provider in Bangladesh is a trustworthy SEO service provider in Bangladesh. Therefore, we ensure to get you website in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) within shortest possible time. Consequently this page ranking will surely increase your website traffic.
Our professional SEO experts use the updated search engine optimization method for all projects. SEOserviceBD always uses White Hat SEO. As a result, you need not to fear about sudden drop out from search engine result pages.
Our SEO method is divided into two different types: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both are very important for a successful campaign. On-page SEO has to be done at the coding level of a web site. On the other hand, off-page optimization has to be done from outside of main website.

We offer very much cost effective SEO service for both on-page and off-page optimization of your website. Find the details of our services from below:

  • Search engine optimization
    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO
  • SEO Audit
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization training

SEO Audit

SEO audit is not very different from traditional audit. Purpose of both audit is to find out the loophole of the system to take corrective measure. More or less all SEO service provider in Bangladesh are providing this service. To check the technical configuration of a website, the on-page settings and off-page status, we use SEO audit. The goal of this audit is to optimize website’s Search Engine visibility, credibility and improve the ranking. SEO audit is required to be done is regular basis for long-term success of any website. It is recommended that, it should be performed twice a year by a trustworthy SEO service provider in Bangladesh.

Importance of SEO audit

SEO audits should be an essential component of business strategy. Therefore, if we do not check it before starting search engine optimization, there is chance, that, the website will not be properly optimize. And, if a website isn’t properly optimized, it will miss a significant volume of search engine traffic. As a result, potential customer will not be able to find us. Therefore, we will lose our business.

There are many reasons to perform an SEO audit of a website. The most important reasons are mention below:

Algorithms Changes:

Search engine like, Google, Yahoo, Bing are regularly updating the algorithm or ensure better service or search result to their user. Furthermore, they are always trying to down rank the website those have used Spamming, Black Hat SEO or have low quality or duplicate content. The definition of these terms are also changing frequently. For example, after realizing the Penguin update many top sites have fallen from ranking. To avoid such occurrence we have to ensure that our website is OK will current algorithm.
Not only this, the popular webmaster tools from Google and Bing are frequently changing too. Hence, we need to make certain that, we are following the correct standard.

To identify the errors of Website:

There is a traditional conflict between with SEO experts and web designers for the structure of a website. Web designers are master to make your website beautiful whereas, SEO expert looks for the grammar of the website.

So, for new websites several SEO lacking are commonly observer like:

  • Improper use or not using Meta description.
  • Choosing the Headline (‘H’ tag) in wrong way. Tags like H1, H2, H3 have signification value in SEO. We have to use these in grammatical manner for better SEO .
  • Using Image without proper alt tag, which weaken the page keyword.
  • Choosing wrong or no keyword for a webpage.

And, in case of old websites below common errors are observed:

  • Brocken links: Sometimes we remove or change address of you pages or posts. But, forget to clean the secion properly. That creates, Brocken link, which is very harmful for your site ranking.
  • Duplicate content: Using duplication content will guarantee to fall your ranking and ensure negative marking to your site! Sometimes, we use many writers for our site’s content and if they post duplicate content in your site, you will face the trouble! Thereof, it is very important to ensure that, your website has no duplicate content. You can use copyscape, siteliner, smallseotools etc. to find out the duplicate content.
  • Keyword density: Using excessive keyword in a content will be treated as Black hat/spamming and using low keyword density will discourage search engines to index you. Hence, try to keep your keyword density within 0.5% to 1%.

Here are a few suggestions of how to get started on your own SEO audit:

  • We can use free application like Screaming Frog Crawl to check URL issues, find out duplicate pages, identify redirects, page titles, Meta descriptions, Headlines etc. We can export an excel report from this tool for better analysis.
  • Google webmaster tools is also a great tool for SEO checking. After registering the website with Google Webmaster Tools, you will get the access to major sections including HTML perfections, Search Queries, Links to/from Your Site, Crawl Errors, and Sitemaps.
  • We can also add the website to Google Analytics. This tools provide you the report of the visitor of your website including number, bounce rate, returning visitors etc. Statecounter is also providing same service. It is also a good tool.
  • To check the keyword competition, backlink status and many more, we can use SEMrush or Aherf. They will ensure the total map of your website including the competitors analyzing.

Note that, these are the basic of a SEO audit. For personal level website or at beginner level these are ok but, to get business success you have to find out the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh for SEO expert who can ensure the actual result of your site’s SEO audit. For more details, feel free to contact SEOserviceBD, your trusted SEO service provider company in Bangladesh.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful but, temporary promotion method of products and service through social media platforms and websites. It is new concept relative to e-mail and digital marketing. However, it is becoming popular than any method day by day. Moreover, all most all social Medias and facilitating with built in marketing tools. hence, this platform ensures to make the development, achievement and engagement of ad campaigns of a business. Usually, it is not directly as same as SEO, most of the SEO service provider in Bangladesh are providing facility of the social media marketing.

Tips for Social Media Marketing:

  1. First of all, find and select appropriate social networks to use
  2. Choose the product/service you want to promote.
  3. Create a great post! Means, describe your product/service in a user friendly and attractive manner.
  4. Set your financial plan for the daily budget including how many days you want to run the promotion and highest expense limit etc.
  5. Select the target market. It may include, target audience’s age, gender, location, interest, education etc.
  6. Finally, boost the post
  7. And, never forget to monitor the ads progress regularly to decide for next course of action (i.e. pause/stop promotion, increase budget to promote for longer time etc.).

Note: Probably, it is better to engage a trustworthy SEO service provider in Bangladesh to run your promotion of your behalf for better result.

List of selective Social Media Platforms for marketing:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Whatsapp
  • Foursquare
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Yelp

Probably your competitors are already started promoting their products/services. Hence, the longer you wait, the chance of losing will be getting higher for you. The right method of social media marketing will lead to more traffic. Therefore, you will get more interested or potential customer for your product/service. As a result, the conversion rate will be higher, too. In conclusion, if you would like to start but are not sure where to begin, please contact with SEOserviceBD, the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh. The sooner you will start, the sooner you will get the profits.

On-page SEO

Optimize your website from coding level

Improve on-page SEO of your website with the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh , SEOserviceBD. As we know, People like to search for their desired product / service and trust the search engines more than the advertisement. To be ranked in search engine result page, we will ensure on-page optimization at first to make your website SEO Friendly, easy to navigate and trustworthy to the visitors by ranking on top listed search engine.

Search engines like, Google are constantly changing and developing the search algorithm rules. Many websites fall in ranking due to wrong method used for SEO.

Are you ready to keep up your business?

Now competition is high. Because, many competitors with similar product are in same market. And, customers are searching for the better one.

SEOserviceBD is using the updated algorithms like Google’s Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon for SEO tools and ensuring market’s best practices. We brand your website to 100% SEO friendly.

To be optimized, on-page SEO requires both quality content and technical SEO of a page. It is a very important feature to generate your targeted visitors into your website to boost up business. As one of the  best SEO service provider in Bangladesh, SEOserviceBD provides all required technical configuration features of a website including meta data, URLs, redirects, header tags, optimal page lay-outs and sitemaps for technical SEO.

We are expert SEO service provider in Bangladesh and our team ensures attracting relevant visitors to convert into paying customers. Our SEO techniques are based on a counseling approach to understand searching behavior of targeted audience. Hence, we provide onpage SEO service using:

  • Accurate optimization of Title, Meta, Image
  • Ensure White hat SEO with proper Keyword Density
  • Header tags optimization
  • SEO friendly navigation optimization
  • Ensure ‘301 redirect’ to the pages as appropriate
  • Fixing ‘404 not found’ during On-Page optimization
  • Generate correct Robots.txt
  • Proper indexing to search engine in including Xml sitemap creation and submit to Google webmaster tools
  • Real time monitoring progress of visitors by Google/Bing/ Yahoo Analytics setup
  • Fix up bug and unnecessary codes to faster your site.
  • Validation of source CSS
  • And any other measures needed to be incorporate.

Off-page SEO

Ensure white Hat tactics for off-page SEO

Alike on-page, off-page SEO is a technique to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page (SERPs). Off page optimization is also a way to rank website higher quickly into search engines.  Difference is, off page optimization is occurred outside the main website.

Many people think off page SEO means publishing the link of their web sites into different websites. Yes, most of the thing of off page SEO is submission related. But, it is not full of that. The most important things for off page SEO are:

  1. Quality Link Building (mark the word ‘Quality’)
  2. SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  3. Social bookmarking

One can manipulate the search engines through the Link building method. Also, spammers are taking advantage of this link building networks which lead to black hat SEO.

Why should you choose us?

Hence, search engines do not like the spammers using black hat SEO. They are gradually becoming more intelligent in recognizing black hat practices and protecting their search engine results from spammers.

Yes, still there are loopholes and spammers are taking advantage of this, using tricks. Unfortunately some of themselves are claiming them as SEO service provider. But, as soon search engine can identify them; these websites will be removed from the SERPs. With every new algorithmic release search engines are evolving and soon none of these tricks will work. So, to continue the business with internet, we must have to follow the search engine rules.

We, SEOserviceBD, your trusted SEO service provider in Bangladesh always follow the search engine rules during off-page optimization. So, we provide offpage SEO service using:

  • Search engine index submission of your entire pages
  • Relevant article writing and content submission
  • Interact directly with potential clients through Social media involvement / social bookmarking submission
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others social media page boost up to grab more visitor through social platform
  • Youtube video channel creation, upload relevant video and promote
  • Blogging including link wheel submission
  • Indexing your website with good Directory submission
  • Classified ad placement
  • Creation and distribution of related Press release