What is SEO and why it is required?

Even you are making a rat trap, ensure its quality. People will find you for this product even if you are in jungle- a wise man named Plato once told. Well, maybe it was true for B.C., but in this twenty-first century, promotion is as much important as product quality. Advertisement is the expansion-is today’s motto.
Do you own a business, a website perhaps? Why you are in internet? Isn’t it because you want to be found? Your products/services are required to be found?
According to ecommerce statistics 88% of US buyers like to review the detailed characteristics of their desired product before purchase. No such researches are run yet for Bangladesh. But, Bangladeshis are not much different in this case. Moreover, ecommerce is becoming popular in this country too. Even the retailer with physical business location are creating website with their products specification. The common goal is to reach the people, advertise their product and find the potential buyer.
According to Google, there are over billions of websites listed in World Wide Web and every day this number is increasing. Now, why people will visit your website? People are not supposed to know your website address or content! Then, how would they know there is a web site offering products/services as per their requirement? Obviously they will search for their desire, through search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. But, why these search engines will recommend your site to the visitors over the rest websites? Here comes the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Basically SEO is the mechanism to send signals to search engines that your site contains matching product/service as per searching requirement or keyword of inquirer.
It is clear; to increase creditability of your website we have to be optimized by the search engines. We, the best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh, are ready to make your business more meaningful!

What are the benefits of SEO?

According to Wikipedia, 91.80% visitors clicked on Search engine results page (SERP) and 60% of them are limited with this page only. It means, if your web page is in SERP, you will get more visitors for your Website which will ensure higher sales for higher profit and will increase the brand value.
SERP specify the first page displayed by a search engine in response to an inquiry of a searcher which usually contains 10 search results. These results are generally two types- organic and sponsored (advertisements). Organic results are generated as per SEO performance and have certain facilities like,
Low cost promotion: Organic results cost lower in comparison to paid or sponsored results (advertisements).
Website becomes the brand name: People trust the search engines. They know the first listing in google, yahoo or Bing is a trustworthy company.
Results are stable: Advertisement result will immediately disappear as soon you stop paying. But, the effect of organic SEO is stable and will not be vanished.